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India – The Cultural Hub

Embarking on a cultural tour of India is a rejuvenating and life changing experience. From the striking colour of the handicrafts to a plethora of dance forms, the enchanting land has an array of exciting cultural extravaganzas in the offering for all visiting tourists. Indian tour operator helps you customize the tour to your liking so you can witness the commemorative Indian culture first hand at many locations stretching across the country.

Here are a few of our picks

1) The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle comprises of the cities Jaipur in Rajastrhan, Agra in Uttar Pradesh and the national capital Delhi. Marked by terrific connectivity and a breathtaking aura of culture imbibed from various factors, this is one of the top destinations for a cultural tour of Northern India.

The amazing Rajasthani royal delicacies that Jaipur has to offer is perhaps only overcome by the fact that Delhi has its own array of street eateries, and Agra has its mouthwatering Halwas (A famous Indian sweet dish). From the majestic Taj Mahal in Agra, the legendary Golden Temple in Amritsar and the series of monuments in Delhi (such as the Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Jama Masjid etc.) this tour certainly helps tourist gain great cultural insights about India. This trip is tailor-made for those interested in coming down to India to visit the Golden Triangle as its packages are ergonomic and a bundle of fun.

2) Rajasthan

Rajasthan is marked by its forts, amazing art forms and culture. The culture greatly draws inspiration from the Royal dynasties that have flourished here over time. Major places to visit with cultural uniqueness include Udaipur, also known as the Venice of India, Jaipur, the Pink City and capital of the state, Jaisalmer with its forts and havelis, Jodhpur a city with a great fortress hinging on the edge of the Thar Desert etc. With its unique culture and subtle variation from rest of India, all in all Rajasthan is a must visit place.

3) Kerala

Kerala is primarily known for its backwaters, ecotourism and the tropical Malabar Coast. Packages here make sure you make the most of Kerala’s culture. Characterized by beautiful wilderness, a set of coconut delicacies and exposure to the ancient Indian medicine of Ayurveda, Kerala within itself has multiple wonders. It helps the thronging tourist experience a relaxing trip complete with healing, fresh aura and adventurous surroundings.

4) Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has ancient history inculcated into its cultural roots across the state. The temples dating back to as early the 12th centuries, the inscriptions and amazing poetry are all a part of the Tamil Culture. The city of Tanjavur is known for its Chola Temples, paintings and amazing music festivals happening throughout the year. Pondicherry offers amazing beaches and a perfect example of a place mirroring the effects of the colonial era in the modern one complete with architecturally sound churches and buildings.

Thus, whatever might be your cultural calling, India has it all. Make sure you customize your trip well in order to thoroughly enjoy your journey here.

The Missing Keys to Building a Successful Corporate Culture

A friend of mine who owns his own company attended a seminar on building a winning corporate culture. My friend was so inspired to create a winning culture. He immediately returned home and had company meetings to let everyone know they were going to create the best company to work for ever. Yet days and weeks went by and everyone dreaded coming to work just as much as they had before. Every few weeks he would come up with another great idea that would make the company fun. Meanwhile the stress and frustration in his company continued to grow. As the weeks piled on every suggestion appeared more and more disingenuous.

It was clear that nobody cared if they could decorate their cubicles if they had to walk around on eggshells all day. Something was missing. Without this missing piece there was no hope for him to build a great corporate culture.

When building a corporate culture that generates success there are a few fundamentals that often get overlooked. They are extremely simple but without them your attempts to build a winning culture will meet resistance or worse yet, serve to alienate your employees.

If you want to build a winning culture you must do these three things: Set up the game so that company goals and employee goals are aligned. Set your employees up to win. Then celebrate the victories.

First and foremost set it up so that the company goals and employee goals are aligned. This is so common sense yet it is the thing that is most often overlooked. More often in companies the goal of the boss is to have the company succeed and the goal of the employee is to survive the boss. People want to win but if they don’t feel like they can win they will settle for surviving. You must first be clear on what the company is out to accomplish. Then you must make it clear how each person plays a part in that.

People yearn to be a part of something that is bigger than they are. Treat them like they are an important part of a bigger goal and they will naturally move toward achieving it.

Set your employees up to win. If everyone is on the same team and working toward the same goal, it makes perfect sense that you would want everyone to succeed. This is where you as a manager or owner can make the biggest difference. Set your employees up to win! Give them the tools and support they need to achieve their goals.

There is a big difference between supporting them to win and trying to catch them when they fail. Too many managers think their job is to be the police. If you want a corporate culture where people are constantly worried and try to avoid responsibility, become a policeman.

Just as important as it is the first two pieces are, so is this last part. Celebrate the victories. If winning the game doesn’t matter than why win? It is essential that you establish ways to recognize and/or compensate for performance. You have to make it so that winning is better than not winning.

A big mistake that managers make is rewarding those who do a good job with more work. You may add responsibilities to those you know you can count on but you also have to reward them for doing a good job with something more than more to do. If the only prize for winning is that my life gets more difficult, I’m going to choose losing.

Basically it comes down to this, teams that focus on winning usually do and teams that try not to lose most often lose. So, make the goal to win, set things up so everyone can win and make winning a good thing. If you install these three fundamentals, whatever you do to create your winning culture has a great chance for success. Leave these out and you could wind up spinning your wheels like someone I know.